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Shallow Cove Dimensions

Eternally Rare

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Signed Copy of Eternally Rare


In the dimension where fire meets ice, my mate waits for me.
And if I don’t go to him, I’ll die.

I know I’m lucky to have a mate at all.
Most would rejoice. Most would run to them.
Not me.
I want to stay with my family.
I was trapped in the veil for the majority of my life, fighting to survive.
And I’m supposed to leave them for a man I don’t know?
I’m tired of Fate making the decisions for me.
ache in my chest becomes too much.
 thirst in my throat becomes unbearable.
need to mate is a call I can no longer ignore.
Even if I’ve never touched or kissed another.
How will I satisfy him?
Finally, I go to my prince only to learn that I have not one, but 
two mates.
A dragon and an elf.
Not only do they rule separate kingdoms—they are mortal enemies.
Hatred is rooted deep in my dragon’s fire and my elf guards a secret close to his heart that he refuses to tell.
Forgiveness is the only solution.
And the journey to getting it might be what kills us all.

-The author recommends reading the other books in the series to understand the world and characters as they build off one another.